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My name is Sooyeon (Aly) Suh and I'm a clinical health psychologist and professor of psychology at Sungshin University, Dept. of Psychology.

Broadly, my main interests lie in understanding how behavioral

and psychological factors interact with physical health and eventually develop into chronic illness. 

My specific interests are in behavioral sleep medicine, especially developing psychological treatments for sleep disorders. I am also very interested in women's mental health issues. 



1) The Study on Establishment of Activity System and Ensuring Business Continuity of Firefighters 


Description: Establishment of measures to improve fatigue and concentration through development and application of sleep intervention.

Supported by: National Fire Agency

2) Development of a Bedtime Procrastination Intervention

Description: Many individuals procrastinate their bedtime because of widespread use of electronic media. This study aims to develop an intervention for bedtime procrastination for individuals with and without sleep disorders using behavioral modification principles. 

Supported by: Korean National Research Foundation

3) KoGES Project


Description:  A collaborative project with Korea University Ansan Hospital, Institute of Human Genomic Study. An epidemiology cohort study that has been ongoing since 2001. I have been investigating longitudinal course of insomnia patients (persistent insomnia) with this cohort data.

Supported by: Korean CDC  

4) Sleep Intervention for E-sports Player


Description:  A study of sleep characteristics and sleep intervention to improve performance of E-sports professional athletes exposed to light from electronic devices.

Collaborators: Flinders University, Australia

5) Development of Evaluation Tolls and Evidence-Based Treatment Program for Psychological Prevention of Viral Infectious Diseases: SAVE International Research


Description: Development of tools to measure mental health problems for infectious disease, and development of psychological prevention programs for infectious diseases.

Collaborators: Seoul ASAN Medical Center, Dept. of Psychiatry, Seockhoon Chung & CHUNGBUK National University Hospital, Dept. of Neuropsychiatry, Gawon Joo

Supported by: Korean National Research Foundation 

6) SIMBA study (Sleep Intervention for Mother and BAby)


Description: Development of a cognitive focused intervention to improve infant and parental sleep based on big data analytics.

Collaborators: Monash University, Prof. Bei Bei & Seoul ASAN Medical Center, Dept. of Psychiatry, Seockhoon Chung

7) Research on Development of Application for Sleep Improvement


Description: Development of digital application for personalized sleep coaching by collecting and analyzing various PHR data of daily life through sensors on wearable devices and mobiles.

Collaborators: Samsung Medical Center, Dept. of Neurology, Eun Yeon Joo & Su Jung Choi

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