My name is Sooyeon (Aly) Suh and I'm a clinical health psychologist and professor of psychology at Sungshin University, Dept. of Psychology.

Broadly, my main interests lie in understanding how behavioral

and psychological factors interact with physical health and eventually develop into chronic illness. 

My specific interests are in behavioral sleep medicine, especially developing psychological treatments for sleep disorders. I am also very interested in women's mental health issues. 


1) Tailoring CBTI treatment using machine learning techniques

Description: Developing a customized and comprehensive diagnostic system for insomnia patients using Bayesian statistical modeling (machine learning) 

Supported by: Korean National Research Foundation

2) Development of a Bedtime Procrastination intervention

Description: Many individuals procrastinate their bedtime because of widespread use of electronic media. This study aims to develop an intervention for bedtime procrastination for individuals with and without sleep disorders using behavioral modification principles. 

Supported by: Korean National Research Foundation

3) Resting-state connectivity changes associated with Imagery Rehearsal Therapy in individuals with trauma exposure 

Description: Investigating Neural Correlates of PTSD patients with nightmare disorder, and also comparing the treatment effects of Imagery Rehearsal Therapy using fMRI. 

Collaborators: Samsung Medical Center, Sleep Center and Radiology Dept. 

Supported by: Korean National Research Foundation 

4) KoGES Project

Description:  A collaborative project with Korea University Ansan Hospital, Institute of Human Genomic Study. An epidemiology cohort study that has been ongoing since 2001. I have been investigating longitudinal course of insomnia patients (persistent insomnia) with this cohort data.

Supported by: Korean CDC  

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